Answers to our most common questions about the Communia app

Is Communia free to download?

Absolutely! All SOCIAL elements of the app will always remain free, so you can form meaningful connections within our community of support - this includes public and collaborative journaling.

What kind of content is on Communia?

We’re busting taboos, boo! We specialize in the topics mainstream platforms don’t always celebrate or make safe to talk about. Including topical feeds like Sex & Relationships, #MeToo, Mental Health, Work & Money, Racial Justice, and Women’s Health. We’re also someplace where you can have fun without fear of judgement or “cringe” - document your most niche obsessions in a public journal, talk about that epic first date you just went on in a collab journal with your besties, or get in on some piping hot tea while supporting someone with your comments! And no, there’s no niche required. You’re mutli-facted, this platform is too.

Is Communia trans and non-binary inclusive?

Yes! We’re an app designed for women and all marginalized genders. We know there’s a spectrum of identities that fall underneath the marginalized genders umbrella, so please know we accept and celebrate your experience, whatever it may be. Trans women are women.

Why do I need to verify my identity?

It’s our mission to create a safe and protected digital space where women, trans and non-binary communities can connect, seek support and embrace their true selves without the fear of online harassment. Our first line of defence against creeps, bots, catfishing, and so much more is this verification process. This also means that everyone you interact with is vetted beforehand.

You can choose between two ways to obtain verification: take a selfie with the code we send you, or take a picture of a photographic ID of your choice.

Rest assured, our servers do not store any photos uploaded during the verification process - they are immediately deleted once a decision has been made. We have these measures in place so that Communia remains the toxic-free zone we all know and love, especially as there are such sensitive subjects discussed on the app. That being said, you can still view most aspects of the social feeds and access Communia’s self-care features without needing to be verified, so that you’re able to access a certain level of digital support immediately.

What’s included in the premium subscription?

Signing up to Communia’s premium subscription means you’ll have a whole host of elevated self-development tools whenever you need them, wherever you are! This includes mood tracking with in-depth insights, a library of guided journals on topics like self-compassion, gratitude, and goal setting. Plus daily and long-term goal tracking, access to missed daily journal prompts, and unlimited private journaling.

Is there a free trial for the premium subscription?

Yes! On both Android and iOS, we offer a 7-day free trial if you sign up to our monthly plan, and a 1-month free trial if you sign up to our yearly plan.

How do I subscribe to the premium subscription?

Simply head to the self-development side of the app and either click the pop-up at the bottom of the screen, or click into one of our paid features to be taken to the sign-up page.

How do I cancel my premium subscription?

You can cancel the subscription by heading to your subscriptions settings in the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

What are Communia’s content moderation policies?

We have a zero-tolerance policy on unsupportive behaviour such as hate speech, bullying, and misinformation. All content posted within the app is monitored by our Care Officers to ensure Communia remains the safe space you signed up for.

Communia is a sex-positive app. Discussions around any part of our experience are always encouraged. Our Sex & Relationships feed is extremely popular for a reason. You won’t be kicked off because you freed the nipple or talked about your reality, we just ask that our community makes an effort to respect other user’s triggers and use trigger warnings where necessary.

What does Communia do with my data?

Absolutely nothing! Because we’re committed to creating a better digital world in all ways, we do not sell user data and are committed to generating revenue only when we add to your lives, through things like our wellness subscription. Even if you want to share your own content outside of the app, on everything you post you have to tick a box to do so, ensuring you retain as much control over your own content as possible.

What do I do if I need to report an issue?

If you feel unsafe at any time on our platform, please email or report it in the app. Our Care Officers will be in touch with you ASAP!

Why does Communia charge for some of its features?

Communia is a scrappy, female-founded company on a mission to make social media the helpful life-improving tool we know it can be. Especially in support of women, the trans and non-binary communities globally. The tech and VC industry has been pumping millions of dollars into companies in the hope of a future IPO, and making billions of dollars in the meantime by exploiting your personal data. This results in so much of the services we rely on, like social media, to not ultimately be serving you, but advertisers. Ultimately causing them to pursue an “engagement at any cost” strategy that creates and perpetuates societal harm. We know there are more innovative and ethical ways to build sustainable tech businesses, and part of our mission is proving that. Right now, this is encapsulated in our premium self-care subscription that we hope empowers you to connect with yourself as much as you connect with others - thereby creating a healthy ecosystem of connection.

Signing up to our subscription means the SOCIAL aspect of the app will always remain free, we’ll swiftly be able fix any issues that may arise, and we’ll be able to continuously add helpful new features to make Communia more helpful, fun and better than it’s ever been! It allows us to pay our small team fair wages,  plus maintain security measures and human moderators - keeping you, the community, and your private data safe and secure. 

You’ll also never see an ad on Communia, and, as we’ve previously mentioned, we do not sell user data. And just think, we do all of this without participating in the unscrupulous practices mainstream social media platforms use to garner revenue. So help us prove that social media can be done right, join us on this journey by supporting us, so that we can continue to support you.


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