A better digital world for women

transforming social media into social self-care 


Private, public, and collab journals for unedited

Create endless worlds for your important words with this feature's aesthetic customization options. Take advantage of the social settings to keep in touch with friends and trade notes with people who get it. Plus, don't sleep on our multi-media entry types for even more ways to express yourself!


A digital toolkit for self-development on your terms

Information is power! Log your feelings and goals daily, and check your mood board and progress reports for in-depth insights. Did your situationship make you sad most days this month? You know what to do! 💕


A safe space for sensitive conversations

On our app, authenticity is more than just a buzzword. No topic is off limits, whether you want to share a sexual misadventure or discuss a particular mental health struggle. Open communication requires a commitment to safety, so we use a number of unique strategies to ensure your well-being on Communia.

Read our Report: Women and Marginalized Genders' Social Media Experience

Our new report uncovers the extent to which British women and marginalized genders experience toxic and unsafe online spaces due to lack of safeguarding and responsibility by big tech firms.

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#IRL community building with our merch drops

Communia is truly 'A new Social Frontier' and we've got the company merch to prove it.

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The global impact of Communia

We are committed to providing free resources for #MeToo survivors. The app is home to resources, advice, and community support for women all over the world. Supporting this platform helps keep it free for those who need it the most.

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Our features create a safer digital world for women+

Two-Factor Authentication

We require an email address for all users, and if you want to use the social elements of the app or see the full #MeToo feed, you have to verify your identity using a photo ID or our selfie/code-matching option. No bots, no trolls, and no creepy dudes in your DMs.

No ads, ever

We are a wellness-first social network. For us, that means protecting your data privacy, and leading with a business model that doesn't require engagement at any cost.

Zero Tolerance

We don't tolerate any form of abuse on Communia. We have a zero-tolerance policy on hate speech, trolling, bulling, or unsupportive behavior, and we take action with every user report.

No likes, just support. Literally!

Wave goodbye to follow counts, likes, and the pressure to perform.

User Control

This is your world. We just built it! Regulate your space by choosing which features of the app you experience first. Control what you see by turning various topical feeds off and on according to your comfort level. Plus, you can control the "sharability" of your content by turning off the sharing feature on individual posts.

Identity Protection

Control who sees your posts and how you get help from the community. Post anonymously, or don't, when it comes to your most sensitive questions and confessions.

As Featured In

As a beacon of authenticity, Communia stands tall in a world of doomscrolling and performative posting.

Our commitment to fostering a supportive digital space for women has garnered accolades and media acclaim, showcasing a paradigm shift towards purposeful engagement and self-care.

We’re proud to have also contributed to current societal conversations through our research on women’s social media experiences. Join us in redefining the digital landscape for the better.

A diverse community of care

"It's empowering to learn from other women in a format like this. Whenever I'm struggling with something and I don't know where to go, I know I can use this app, and that's so comforting. Especially because the community really takes the time to show up for you!"

User Since 2022

"Finally no creepy guys invading my DMs! It's such a relief to find a platform where I can express myself without having to worry about trolls or pervs."

User Since 2023

"I appreciate the warm and supportive space, and to be a part of a digital community where people are so respectful and uplifting! I feel understood in a way I don't on other social media platforms."

User Since 2020