December 16, 2022

The Communia Experience

We’re the social networking app building a better digital world for women and marginalized genders

The Communia Experience

Whether you want to ask for support, make meaningful connections, or get in-depth self-development advice & tools, there’s a Communia for you.

We’re a safe space for anyone who’s tired of the internet revolving around the male gaze. We create the tech and the tools that put our needs first, because they were created by people who understand our experiences. Communia is a place for you to express yourself authentically, access community support and find resources + tools to get you through life’s best (and worst) moments. Whether you’re reading this on your way to work, crying in a bathroom stall (we’ve been there), or planning your next adventure – we’re here to support.

Be your unedited self on Communia SOCIAL, the free social networking side of the app. All users are verified by human moderators before they can communicate with you, which means no trolls, no bots and no fake accounts. Share your experience, your wisdom and your opinions on topics such as #MeToo, Work & Money, Mental Health and everything in-between. Crowdsource advice from tens of thousands of women who really get it, and support others on their journeys, too - because it’s only when we tell our stories that the narrative starts to change.

Connect with yourself as much as you connect with others on Communia SELF, the suite of digital tools we’ve created to enhance your self-development journey. Starring our unique AF digital journaling tool! Totally customizable, multi-media, and collaborative – this is the trusted wellness standby like you’ve never seen it before. Journal privately, publicly, or with your closest circle of friends, depending on your mood. Access prompts for the days you need a little extra support, and get inspired by the community’s journals on the Discover Feed. You’ll see journals on endless topics! Think sexual well-being, but also creativity and workplace wisdom.

Who says self-care has to be lonely?

Because we’re committed to creating a better digital world in all ways, we don’t sell user data or allow advertisements on the app. Communia will never use your data without your permission, or share your information with third parties.

Here’s to doing social media right, to never having to navigate our journeys alone, and always being a part of a community.

Communia Care

Communia is for all women and marginalized genders - and this should go without saying, but trans women are women, and as such, Communia is trans-inclusive. This is our online safe space, and we have a zero-tolerance policy on unsupportive behavior like hate speech, bullying, and triggering content. If you feel unsafe at any time on our platform, please email or report it in the app. Our Care Officers will be in touch with you ASAP!