December 10, 2023

Communia Feature with BBC News

Desperate to find a safe space to talk about what was happening with women+ who'd understand, Communia was created.

Communia Feature with BBC News

The BBC Feature: Olivia DeRamus's Story

Olivia's story gained prominence in a recent feature on BBC, where she openly shared her experience of grappling with sexual assault and the subsequent difficulty in finding an appropriate outlet for expression. The feature highlights the hurdles survivors often face when trying to connect with others who have shared similar experiences. Olivia's journey and the challenges she encountered served as a catalyst for the development of Communia. Communia's dedication to providing a platform for survivors to share their stories and connect with others is a powerful step forward in the realm of social networking. Olivia DeRamus's personal journey has ignited a change that extends beyond her own experiences, creating a space where individuals facing adversity can find strength, support, and the understanding they deserve. As we look to the future, Communia stands as a beacon of hope, proving that technology can be a force for good in fostering empathy, connection, and healing.

A Personal Journey Ignites Change

Olivia DeRamus was just 19 and studying in California when she became a survivor of sexual assault. The aftermath of this traumatic experience led her to a disheartening realization – the inability to find a safe space to speak out about it. The journey through the process was isolating, exacerbating the pain for Olivia. It was during this trying period that the concept of Communia, The App, was born.

A Social Network with a Purpose

Communia, founded by Olivia DeRamus, is not just another social network. It's a platform designed with a purpose – to provide individuals facing challenging circumstances, particularly survivors, a safe haven where their voices can be heard. The recent BBC feature is a testament to the platform's commitment to addressing the unique needs of its users.

Navigating Challenges with Compassion

Communia's commitment to user privacy, security, and compassionate support is evident in the development of its ever-evolving features. It stands as a testament to the platform's dedication to empowering users through meaningful connections and open dialogue.

Visit the full feature on BBC now.